Quick VPN APK Download 1.17 for Android/PC 2023

Quick vpn APK is a free Virtual Private Network platform that provides you safe and fast internet browser features. Quickvpn created by Lipisoft 

App NameQuickVPN_1.17.apk
Latest updateJul 11, 2023

Introduction of Quick VPN

Quick VPN is a free application for Android users that helps you hide your browser identity. With the help of this application, you can work on the IP Address of any country and can change your IP Address anytime. QuickVPN is helpful in accessing all types of applications and websites. Many times a website takes a lot of time to open or reload, due to which it shows the error ‘This site can’t be reached’. Quick VPN Apk helps in accessing these types of applications and websites and making them faster. The application helps you. And this is because QuickVPN connects you to a remote server, which makes it easy to access websites whose servers are located in the same county that you have selected in your QuickVPN settings.

Feature of Quick VPN Apk

  • Can access all websites and applications
  • Helpful to hide your phone’s IP address
  • Play without interruption any type of games that your county may have restricted
  • Fast internet and safe browser features are available. 
  • The Internet is safe with the help of activated Quickvpn, it can be done without any cyber attack.
  • You can keep Quick VPN active for many hours. This application will not auto shut down. You can do all your work with just one click.

Quick VPN Apk Download Process

quick VPN

If you are also troubled by the lag issue of slow internet browsers and applications, then a quick vpn apk can fix your problem forever, whenever you use your internet or play any game that you have not played before. You can easily play fast games and explore the internet with help of quickvpn. With the help of apkprolite.com, you can easily download this application, click on the given link for quick vpn apk download.

  • Open the selected file after downloading
  • After opening the file, click on the Install button and wait for the installation to complete.
  • After installing a quick vpn apk, open the application.
  • And after allowing some important setting, you can do it from him

Download Quick VPN for Pubg Lite

Quick VPN is a very good VPN to play PUBG games. While playing the game, the ping often becomes high because we do not play PUBG on our country server, due to which the performance of the game proves to be very poor and lag problems start arising. Due to which our game gets corrupted but after activating QuickVPN and selecting any county, the problem of ping and lag gets eliminated and the game performance becomes quite good.

How to Use QuickVPN on Your Mobile

In this application you get servers of different countries which you can access for free, servers of 13 countries are available under QuickVPN, you can connect to any of them as per your use, with the help of VPN. Apk Fast Internet Explorer can be done,

  • Download hone ke bad app ko open kar lena hai
  • Open hone ke bad jo interface apko show hoga usme se kisi ak country ko select kar lena hai
  • After selecting the country, you will be connected and it will come directly from your application.


Who Made a Quick VPN?

Quick VPN is a free Virtual Private Network platform created by Lipisoft to access any type of server network.

Which VPN is Best for PUBG Mobile?

Quick VPN is an amazing VPN to play PUBG lite games. No ping and no leg issues while game play.

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